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Gundog training

Gundog Training
Gundog Training

Gundog training to prepare you and your dog for the shooting field.  Many clients want a dog to be a pet as well as a well behaved shooting companion.  Both is very achievable with work and understanding.


If it's in their blood, they will love nothing more that to work.  Stimulating your dog with gundog training can be a great hobby for you both, and a start of a working relationship between you and your dog.  Some clients enjoy the training so much they go on to enter gundog tests - a great day out

Obedience & Mindset Training

Obedience & mindset conditioning to allow you to enjoy your time with your dog.

The purpose is to show you how to achieve a calm and well behaved dog.  To discuss issues you have with the dog and to explain solutions.  One to one sessions last roughly around 1 hour, and is done outdoors.  Dogs under 6 months of age is advised to do a half hour session

Obedience & Mindset conditioning
Obedience & Mindset conditioning

Home Visits

Home Visits
Home Visits

Home visits are designed to explain and show you how to live with your dog.  How you live with your dog will be a huge reflection on how much control you have over your dog when outside.  Most people overlook how important this is, because they only see their dogs problem on the walk or away from the home.


"My dog is well behaved in the home". So many would assume that the way they are living with the dog is correct.  However If you aren't showing leadership qualities to your dog in the home through boundaries and limitations, why should they follow your lead when they leave the home?


Classes normally run through the summer months.  Classes are for dogs 6 months or over.  There is limited availability so please register your interest sooner rather than later.



aggression in dogs

We take on aggression cases. Please get in touch if you have concerns about any sort of aggression.

Words Of Wisdom

"We primarily focus on the dogs mind set, as this determines the behaviour, if you get the mindset right...the behaviour is right"

"To change a dogs behaviour, we first need to change your behaviour towards the dog"


"If we want the dog to change, we must first change our approach towards the dog".


We train pets for obedience and control, along with working gundogs for the shooting field.


With all our training sessions we aim for having a happy balanced dog, that follows the handlers lead.


If you want to let your dog loose in an enclosed space click here!

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