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Honoris Gundogs is run by Andy Fairweather and his partner Fern, with an additional helping hand from their young, up and coming trainer Cruz (Son). Andy's passion for dog training started back in 2001. 
He had his own kennels with working dogs when he was just 13, taking in local gamekeepers dogs for a bit of training, as well as training his own dogs for tests and the shooting field.  Andy has a background in working with people and mind-set, - life coaching and NLP.
Not only does the human mind fascinate Andy, but the mind of a dog does too.

Words Of Wisdom

"If your dog is not balanced, it will worry and struggle to be at peace"

"If you're not getting the desired behaviour from your dog, your approach needs to change"


"If we want the dog to change, we must first change our approach towards the dog".

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