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Field Trial Winner (FTW) Honoris Highland.
Cole was bred by us and trained by us.  He is from extremely good bloodlines and has the best nature for work and family.
A very kind and gentle soul, but has the engine in the field to go all day!
He is a valuable member of our picking-up team.
Easy to train, willing to please and a very honest dog. Not to mention his good looks!
Sire is a FTCH
Dam has numerous Field trial awards and was trained by us from 8 weeks old.
He has won a couple of KC puppy tests
He has won a KC novice test
And the first trial he ran in he won at just 2 years old.
Hips: 5/3
Elbows: 0/0
Eye Certificate clear
Clear of: CNM. SD2. PRA. EIC.

Words Of Wisdom

"If your dog is not balanced, it will worry and struggle to be at peace"

"If you're not getting the desired behaviour from your dog, your approach needs to change"


"If we want the dog to change, we must first change our approach towards the dog".


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